About Us

Our Story

Recognizing a NeedThe SteriDev story begins with Rob Zondervan, a dual D.O./Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University and self-professed "gear-head." Always wanting the latest and greatest technology at his fingertips, Rob was surprised to learn during his clinical training that no sterile mechanism existed that would allow him to safely bring a mobile device into the surgical field without compromising the device's functionality. In fact, the only product on the market was a one-size-fits-all sterilized plastic bag, which didn't preserve the device's optical quality and was awkward to handle, hold, and seal, among other shortcomings. Rob decided to develop his own device-specific sterile cover that would meet the functional needs of the clinicians and the safety needs of the patients. Working with input from clinicians and other stakeholders, he developed a patented transfer technique and device-specific cover, and the CleanCase mobile device cover was born. This new cover was designed for clinicians to be easy to use but also provide full functionality, both while preserving an all-important sterile barrier between the device and the patient.

Enabling Better OutcomesRob sees mobile technology as playing an increasingly integral role in the healthcare delivery of the future, and the CleanCase mobile device cover is the only solution on the market can facilitate this future safely within sterile environments. Studies show that mobile technology can improve hospital efficiency, patient care, and clinical outcomes. Now, all of those benefits can finally be safely realized in sterile environments, where the stakes are often highest.

Our Mission

We empower the safe, efficient, and gratifying delivery of healthcare. We achieve this goal through direct interactions with healthcare stakeholders to identify opportunities and innovate solutions.

Our Values


Time, money, and health are valuable currencies that should be treated with respect.


All encounters can be mutually beneficial.


There should be logic driving all action.


Embrace everything as an opportunity to discover.

Meet Our Team

Rob Zondervan
CEO & Founder

Rob is a PhD and medical student at Michigan State University. He has over 10 years of clinical and academic medical experience. His research is primarily in translational medicine with a focus on orthopedic device development. He has successfully aided in the start of two medical device companies. Rob currently serves as the Spartan Innovations Senior Fellow, providing medical advice to start-up companies.

Andrew Raser
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew is an experienced finance professional with 9+ years of finance, accounting, healthcare, and project management experience. He has previously worked at United Airlines as a Senior Financial Analyst and as a Certified Public Accountant at PwC. He also managed the development of new products at a healthcare technology start-up (Outcome Sciences). Andrew received an MBA from the University of Michigan in 2015.

Doug Rimatzki
Chief Operating Officer

Doug is the founder of EntreMentor, LLC, an entrepreneurial entity established to assist start-ups in the medical device space. Doug has 20+ years of experience in regulated industry, particularly in Operations, Quality Systems and Product Development. He has been an Entrepreneurial Fellow, Chief Compliance Officer, and is also a lecturer and mentor at the Biomedical Engineering Dept. at the University of Michigan, where he also received his MBA.