The CleanCase Sterile Mobile Device Cover

Empowers Surgeons

  • Device specific
  • Form fitting mold ensures devices are easy to hold and maintain functionality
  • Touch screen capabilities are preserved even through gloved hands
  • Permits use of apps and camera in sterile environments

Protects Patients

  • Sterile
  • FDA-compliant sterile barrier eliminates risk of mobile device pathogens
  • Sealed enclosure is IPX4 certified to ensure water resistance
  • Intuitive funnel design is easy to perform for safe aseptic transfer

Product Features

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#1 Transfer Funnel
Safely and easily guides the non-sterile mobile device into the CleanCase cover.
Secures the sterile barrier lid out of the way during transfer.

#2 Touchscreen Interface
Enables full access to touchscreen functions through gloved hands.
Durable to withstand the rigors of the medical environment.

#3 Lens Port
Permits unobstructed use of the mobile device camera and flash.
Optimized for camera, video, and augmented reality applications.

#4 Sterile Barrier Lid
Ensures the mobile device is securely contained in the CleanCase cover using redundant latches.
The lid gasket prevents migration of pathogens out of the case or foreign materials into the case.

#5 Case Frame
Provides a low-profile and robust sterile enclosure for the mobile device.
Device-specific design for the best user experience.